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Discussion points and questions:


Gigi and Lily form a very strong bond, despite their differences in upbringing. What is it that draws them together?


What is Lily’s motivation for trying to push Todd and Gigi together?


Gigi doesn’t tell Lily the truth about the night on the beach with Richard. Do you understand her motivation? How would life have been different for Gigi and Lily and Costas if she had?


Yvonne shows incredible loyalty to Virginia. Where does this loyalty come from? Is it justified?


How does prejudice influence the events in The Banksia Bay Beach Shack and the characters’ behaviour?


Discuss the ways in which the events of the novel are indicative of the era. How might things play out differently today?


‘Where there’s breath, there’s hope.’ Discuss the importance of hope for both Gigi and Heath.


Laura applies her rules of journalism to her time in Banksia Bay. Do you think the rules help her, or hinder her in her search for the truth?


Heath is worried his condition will change the way Laura feels about him. Is it ever right to keep something from someone you care about?


‘Maybe the truth wasn’t just the first casualty of war. Perhaps it was the first casualty of life.’ What does this statement mean?

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